Wonderful art show and trip in Kyoto

  日本語は下記です。 We were just in Kyoto to help wrap up our master teacher, Hakurou's solo exhibition in Kodaiji zen temple in Kyoto. The show was up for two months during this beautiful time of the year, Spring. Many people have visited and it was a successful show in...

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From April 19th: Japanese and Chinese Art Exhibition in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

From April 19th, Cole is submitting his work to Japanese and Chinese Art Exhibition in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, which will be held from April 19th to 23rd. ---------------------- 4月19日から東京都美術館で開催される第26回全日中展に、コールが梅の古木と鶯の作品を出品します。   水墨画の習得、より高みの作品の制作のために一念発起、16年末にアメリカを発ち、現在京都の高台寺で2ヶ月もの間個展をされている白浪先生のご指導の元、日本で見つける日々の美しい花々や、文化、人々からインスパイアされながら日々鍛錬、制作に励んできました。   今回の作品は、一筆で描かれた古木が印象的な、横幅1メートルを越える作品になりましたので、実際に作品をご覧いただけると、コール共々、大変嬉しく思います。   19日にはコールも晶も会場におりますので、その日にお越し頂けると、案内いたしますので、ぜひお近くにお越しの際は、お立ち寄りください。     会場:東京都美術館(東京・上野)二階 第一展示室 (東京都台東区上野公園8-36、JR「上野駅」公園口から徒歩7分) 会期:4月19日から23日まで(会期は4/18から24まで、ただし初日と最終日は搬出日とする) 時間:午前9時半〜午後5時半(入場は午後5時まで)  ...

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Lotus Birth: Truth and Beauty

Polaroid Photographs by Cole Norton.   Human beauty stirs us toward creation. Exposed, we may find that we see ourselves in the eyes of others, as if in a mirror.  To witness beauty with compassion is to find compassion for ourselves.  Our past, our present, and our...

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Lotus Birth: Back

Polaroid Photographs by Aki S. Norton.   "What is your favorite pose?"   "Could be a pose with my back. There is a quote from a Takarazuka actor, which stunned me. She said, "To tell a story with your back is extremely difficult."   "I guess your back tells the story of your life- the...

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Lotus Birth: Anna and Maria

Polaroid Photographs by Aki S. Norton.   "When I was young, I loved looking at images of Maria.  Her beauty was adored across and beyond regions and cultures.   "A unifying beauty, which transcends differences.  I was obsessed with looking at her in many different artworks."   "Let's do a pose...

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Report: workshop and presentation

English and Japanese We had a such a wonderful time to share the beauty and joy of this art form with the members of League of Milwaukee Artists on October 8th, in Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee. We did a presentation and a workshop about Ink wash painting (Sumisaiga)...

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